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Shoppers get frustrated and might even move on when they visit your website and pick a time for a tour, only to find out later that a showing wasn't available at that time. The result? A missed opportunity.

But if they saw truly available appointment times, they could successfully book a tour on their first try.

Real-time availability removes scheduling obstacles for buyers. In the current low-inventory market, calendars fill up quickly. Make it easy for home buyers to schedule a time that really works!

Why It Matters

What Is Real-Time Availability?

Now you can display directly on your website or application the truly available times your listings can be toured!


Real-time availability is a way to show home shoppers the actual times your listings are available for tours, both on your site and on other public-facing sites.

Displaying the real-time calendar enables buyers to successfully book tours on their first try, giving them and their agents a positive experience with your listing.

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Helping Buyer’s Agents Quickly - and Successfully - Book Tours on Your Listings

What if buyer’s agents only requested truly available appointment times on your listings, times that also worked for their buyers?

Real-time availability help you tap into the steady stream of buyer's agents browsing your listings at any given time, removing scheduling obstacles so they can successfully book tours with their buyers. 

Tours successfully booked on the first try will greatly increase the likelihood that a buyer actually views the home. In the current low inventory market, calendars quickly fill up; any request met with a “sorry, please try another time” will result in fewer opportunities for sellers to get multiple offers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is real-time availability?
Real-time availability enables shoppers to book on your website or other public-facing websites only the times that home tours are truly available, reducing friction and making the scheduling process smoother. Listings enabled with real-time availability can result in more successfully booked tours for buyers and their agents.

What if I don't want my listing's real-time availability to show on public websites?
If you wish to enable or disable this feature, you may do so on the listing worksheet within ShowingTime, where you can enter or edit showing instructions and configure the settings for your listings.

Is an API available to have this feature on my website?
Yes, if you're interested in displaying real-time availability on your public site or to your agents via an API, we're happy to help. 
Contact us to get started.

What are the benefits for our brokerage?
Potential buyers browsing listings online who are ready to schedule a tour will have the certainty of knowing the appointment time they select is available. Being able to see touring availability can also motivate buyers interested in the property to commit to attending a tour.

How does ShowingTime choose which websites can display real-time availability?
Brokerages, teams and agents that request access to our APIs must be current ShowingTime users and agree to ShowingTime's Terms of Use. Once deployed, the API will display real-time availability for tours.

If consumers are booking tours on our listings on these websites, who will get the lead?
ShowingTime does not determine how leads are distributed. Lead assignment rules are determined by each website. ShowingTime's goal is to help make your listing more desirable by providing the real-time availability of the home, which increases the probability of a buyer scheduling a tour.

If you have additional questions, complete the form below and we'll be in touch soon. 

Consumers simply tap or click on your listing to schedule a tour. With the API, your calendar only shows the times the home can be toured, so your listing agents won't waste time on the back-and-forth that results when requested times aren't available.

Appointments successfully booked on the first try makes it more likely that the buyer and their agent will actually tour the home.

How the API Works